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Is there a any way to use a RX 580 8Gb  with a Motherboard AsRock H61M-vs?

Question asked by otto021 on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2019 by dalenmar

have a Motherboard AsRock H61M-vs with a i5 2500 and 8 GB Ram Corsair to 1333 Mhz, but my AMD RX 580 8GB not show video. Actually i got a AMD radeon 280x 3GB in my PC and she works very well. I try everything but i cant get the same result and the graphic card RX simple not give video or start my setup. If any could give me more information about the compatibility between this components or some way i could  make it work with my devices.

i appreciated so much because I do not know what to do. Any help at this time would be very helpul.