FX-4100 is still awe

Discussion created by sinzhareth on Apr 9, 2019

I had been using my FX-4100 for quite some time now...going 7 years now. I bought it sometime 2012. I play the normal free-to-play games like LoL, Dota2, CSGO, and other games with it. 2019 came along, and also play BR type games, and Apex Came out. I read the requirements, and I was disheartened to see that minimum was a FX-4300 processor. But to my surprise, the game ran well with a FX-4100. Overclocked to 4.2 ghz, and paired with my ever faithful GTX 2gb 770 (I had the HD6970 MSI Twin Frozr , but one of my friends stole it, and we never talked since then.), and a single Memory Stick of 8gb 1333mhz. The game ran at 45 - 55 fps even at gun fights. It gives a proper game play experience, and I know that because of the developers nowadays are gearing towards the Multi-threading technology, the FX series will surely have its 2nd wind this time around.  AMD's just designed the FX way too advance for its time, and almost all applications, and games during the FX release were designed for Intel optimization.


I'm glad my FX-4100 is still rocking. Able to let me play the games I like after a stressful time at work.  Anytime now, I might upgrade this ever steadfast processor into a Ryzen, and let it settle quietly on the shelf, or maybe not, and I'll just build another unit. But for now, I'm just impressed.


Thanks AMD.


I hope you make a revival for the FX-Series. That would be awesome. The FX-RYZEN something something.