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switchable graphics

Question asked by irpsycho on Apr 10, 2019
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First of all i should say sorry for bad English .

I'm using Asus X550IU laptop and it has dual gpu the primary one is amd radeon r7 and the linked one is amd Rx460

but since i have bought this laptop i haven't seen the linked one being used by any application it is always running on weak one and it is really annoying since i can't play any game without lags or running my applications like autocad or 3dmax smoothly and I've done many things to solve this problem which I'm gonna mention some of them below:

1.changing os and trying windows 10,7,8

2.updating bios

3.updating all drivers

4.setting system to maximize performance

5.disabling primary gpu

and I know I've done more things but i can't remember right now

system's details:

Cpu: Amd FX-9830P

Graphics cards : 1gb amd radeon r7 ddr4 + 4gb amd rx460 gddr5

Ram: 8gb ddr4


Please give some tips to fix this issue it's really annoying