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120hz makes gpu memory clock at max on idle

Question asked by undifine0909 on Apr 9, 2019
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by baszczer

Rx570 + Ryzen 5 + C27FG70

144hz on monitor + 120hz on desktop ( taskbar flicker fix )
144hz on monitor + 144hz on a desktop ( desktop flicker + black screen when windows turn on the display after I move my mouse + also on windows login )
-- idle
gpu sclk 300mhz
gpu mclk 300mhz
temp: 40*C

120hz on desktop and monitor
-- idle
gpu sclk 300mhz
gpu mclk 1750mhz
temp: 52-55*C
-- 120 making GPU full fan speed at startup then it will go 0 rpm after that.
-- 3k rpm 

what's going on