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Installing/reinstalling drivers crashes on login

Question asked by ausric on Apr 9, 2019

Running a vega64 ROG Strix, New PC with Gigabyte Auros Ultra Gaming motherboard and a 2700x


cant remember which version I installed when I setup the system over a month ago, full clean install...its either 19.2 or 19.3


Tried updating to version 19.4 and once I login system crashes, black screen. installed after DDU, safe mode etc. same scenario. And trying to install other version 19.1, 2, 3, gets me the same results....I cannot touch the drivers installed basically or it spits the dummy.


My only recovery was to go to a system restore point, and that has created other problems which I will now have to reinstall windows but wont till I figure this out. systems only been up for maybe 6 weeks tops.


reported to AMD but wondering if anyone knows what could be causing such a dud reaction.