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Radeon Vii fan speed not increasing

Question asked by biscuitmojo! on Apr 8, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2019 by xlox

Radeon VII
Windows 10

Bought the card 02-28-19. The fans stay ~850 and ignore any command to increase the fan speed manually (tried Wattman and a couple other 3rd party software), will not increase automatically either. This has caused the card to overheat and shutoff temporarily.

I have changed no settings prior to this happening.

I am using the GLOBAL settings in Wattman, not game profiles.
Previous onboard VGA/GPU devices and drivers uninstalled/disabled

Radeon Chill does not help in any way.
Radeon/Wattman drivers current 19.4.1

Uninstalled and reinstalled the Radeon/Wattman drivers a few times
Also physically removed GPU to check bad junction connection.
It's getting proper power supply via both power cables from Seasonic Focus Platinum 850
Uninstalled AI Suite and all other fan control software just to be thorough
Even better; I already RMA'd it with the Manufacturer MSI for this issue early March, just got it back 04-05-19 and it worked  fine for 3 days. Using the Wattman performance monitor overlay then and I saw the fan speed reach 2,500rpm and was overcome with joy. Only for it to be crushed last night when this issue reared it's head again (Mid-game). I am crippled with frustration and disappointment. I am forced to believe I am doing something wrong, can't assume it's the card, as I've stated, it's already been sent back to MSI for repair once.