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AMD Radeon HD 8750M problem

Question asked by saruman201 on Apr 9, 2019

Hi every body...



I need your help!



- I have an Acer Aspire E1-572G laptop, core i5-4200
- it has two graphic cards, intel integrated,
and AMD Radeon HD 8750M
- I never tried to check the AMD card, since I'm not a big gamer,
but when I tried to play PUBG on PC, the intel card was very slow, so I disabled it,
but no game is working if I disable the intel, although the AMD is active..
- I tried every driver possible, from Acer website and AMD website,

in the device manager, the AMD looks fine,
but it doesn't play even small games like IGI and FREEDOM FIGHTERS..
- I deleted my windows 7  32 bit, then clean installed windows 10  64 bit, then again tried many drivers, including of course the latest one from AMD,
nothing works..
- I even updated the BIOS of the laptop..

- In the bios, cpu-z, gpu-z and device manager, the card looks fine..
- I'm starting to think it's a hardware issue..

any help?