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25.20.14021.6006 black screens

Question asked by gpmcginn on Apr 9, 2019

Running on an ASUS Prime X470 Pro MB, AMD Ryzen 3 2200G processor, 32 GB Viper memory (fastest MB will allow), two screens, etc. A low budget almost gaming DT I put together 18 months ago. [In the past I did MB mods, replaced chips,  burned new custom BIOS chips, etc etc but those days are gone.]

About two weeks ago, via a message, I installed a "new" AMD graphics driver, 25.20.14021.6006. After the install I started to see two issues:

 - occasionally both monitors would go totally black (not gray but BLACK!!) for 1 to 3 seconds and then come back on.

 - occasionally at startup the secondary monitor would have a few desktop icons really big, then go blank and have the primary monitor go from blank to what is normal. Usually the secondary doesn't come to life until Win 10 is up, not during BIOS load.


Can't find any info on the AMD sites I've looked at. So I used MS to go back to the older driver, 23.20.827.0, from 2/6/'18 (about when this system was assembled) and have not seen any strange monitor behavior since.


Are there any AMD Graphics Driver gurus out there that can explain this. I try to run a very safe system with security protection, etc. So unless there was something in the Driver that Kaspersky Total Security  didn't see , I assume it's a BAD ASUS Driver, at least for my DT build! 



George in Durham, NC