Trying to get environment lights to work in ProRender SDK

Discussion created by knightcrawler25 on Apr 7, 2019
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I'm playing around with the ProRender SDK and have gone through the initial set of tutorials from


I've got point lights to work but the environment lights do not seem to work. Attached are images with the point light and environment light. Here is how i'm setting the environment lights in code but all I get is a black screen


rpr_light env_light;
    CHECK(rprContextCreateEnvironmentLight(context, &env_light));

    rpr_image img;
    const std::string pathImageFile = "studio015.hdr";
    CHECK(rprContextCreateImageFromFile(context, pathImageFile.c_str(), &img));

    // Set an image for the light to take the radiance values from
    CHECK(rprEnvironmentLightSetImage(env_light, img));
    CHECK(rprEnvironmentLightSetIntensityScale(env_light, 10.0f));

    // Set IBL as a background for the scene.
    CHECK(rprSceneAttachLight(scene, env_light));


Could someone help show where i'm going wrong or if i'm missing something. Thanks