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Ryzen 5 2400G grey checkered display

Question asked by mywayfr on Apr 7, 2019
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I use the integrated graphic card from the processor.

The display is a LG TV OLED55BV6, linked with HDMI cable.

I've try almost all setting up from the TV and the radeon, also RGB or YCbCr pixel format don't change anything.

On the "background" appear like a chessboard light gray square mainly revealed with picture in warm color orange-red  but also on white page (the square looks like more light blue)

I see it with a movie and on image like wallpaper, it still present when I use picture program like paint or gimp.

I don't have this issue with an other computer with Intel graphic card or on the TV itself.

When I upgrade the driver to the last 19.4.1 I have issue with Mediaportal that use directx9, it cause a error directx layer exception with crash of the program.

Return and reset to the base driver 19.1.1 has resolve the issue.

Here below the screenshot

Thanks for any help

white backgroundFrom orange-red