Poor Opengl performance on Rx570

Discussion created by dannyh2685 on Apr 6, 2019
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AMD Opengl seem to put a lot of strain on the CPU compared to its competitors GPU's I only used this GPU on one game/application zwift have tried multiple things but I'm still miles away from the performance of a GTX 1060 and along way behind a GTX1050.

I have tried the GPU with i5-3570 and 4x4gb DDR3 ram which was marginally better but but the system I use is a AMD phenom II 965 with 8gb DDR 3 I have tried 16gb but no difference. with a San disk extreme SSD this is a clean install with only zwift and the latest Adrenalin driver 19.4.1 i used the AMD clean up utility in safe mode to clean up any other drivers

Below are some screenshots from zwiftalizer 


Phenom CPU


I don't have  RX570 1440 ultra comparison as ultra profile is not unlocked on the 570 cannot select the ultra profile nor do I have a 1440 high as the minimum profile on the GTX 1060 is ultra.

RX 570 1440 HighGTX 1060 1440ultra  10 year old CPU