my build is crashing on battlefield 5 only please read

Discussion created by leobaron on Apr 5, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by stumbler

i had an asus a320m-k motherboard

ryzen 7 2700x stock

2x8 vengance rgb c16 @3000mhz 1.35v

gtx 1070 ti strix stock

kraken x52 

psu evga 600watt 80+ white

ssd 240 kingston a400

1tb toshiba idk

well ive been playing bf5 since launch and no problem whatsoever, but i upgraded to an asrock x470 gaming fatality k4 

and my game starts crashing, it just reboots my pc. 

then i switch the mobo with a b450 strix and the same problem persists.

but nothing happen while i play with the a320

nothing is overclocked but the ram

i dont know what to do and why is happening the restarts. please help me