Do you think AMD would solder their Zen2 mid-high APU's?

Discussion created by trevinlc1997 on Apr 5, 2019
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Alright lets just assume all the leaks are correct and there will be a Ryzen 3600G (8/16 and 20 Navi CU). On the table it shows that the TDP would be around 95W and how the cost would be like $199.99-$???.

Leaked Info

Now this would be a pretty hot chip compared to the other APU's and the price range would also hopefully warrant solder.


You may ask why someone would want a "high end" APU but its mainly because I am building an small itx build that I can take with me on trips / etc. And the reason I want it soldered is so I don't get any thermal throttling in small case like this. (I refuse to use laptops because once something goes out your screwed)