AMDRewards still missing games - Humiliation was not part of the deal

Discussion created by gorzul on Apr 6, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2019 by leadfarmer

I redeemed almost 1 month ago. I only received 1 game out of 3 thus far.

Unbelievable. Not only does AMD humiliate you, and ask you for all sorts or personal and private information, but they still make you wait for a month+ afterwards on top of you giving it to them. I am questioning whether this is even legal to begin with. 

We were literally forced to provide all our private and personal information or not get games we paid for. Games we received because we opted to buy their product. Products we may not have bought possibly was it not for the offer. 

Nowhere on my Vega does it say that the games will be subject to a full background check, I wouldve never agreed to this. Most of us wouldnt have. Nowhere on my purchase does it say that the games will possibly be late, more than a month late, if ever received at all. 

AMD is quick to threaten, call people frauds, their own customers. Yet they have humiliated us, made us jump through hoops forced us to provide all our personal information, and still havent provided us with the product with paid money for. 

Not only is this extremely shameful and unprofessional, but I seriously doubt its even legal. 

I will be raising this question in the upcoming weeks and stirring things up, I have been very patient and lenient but this is beyond infuriating at this point.