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AMD S7150 Dell VRTX M620 ESXi 6.7

Question asked by jimcorn78 on Apr 5, 2019
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I've installed the S7150 in a Dell VRTX chassis and mapped it to a Dell M620 blade. 


I am able to see AMD Tonga S7150 in the UI of ESXi 6.7. Below is the output when installing the driver:


sh -i amdgpuv-cim-1.00-6.5.0-4598673.vib
Checking environment......
Driver has been already installed
Detected 1 SR-IOV GPU
0000:08:00.0 VGA compatible controller Display controller: AMD Tonga S7150 [vmgfx0]
Start configuration....
Do you plan to use the Radeon Pro Settings vSphere plugin to configure MxGPU? ([Y]es/[N]o, default:N)n
Default Mode
Enter the configuration mode([A]uto/[H]ybrid,default:A)a
Auto Mode Selected
Please enter number of VFs:(default:4): 4
Configuring the GPU 1 ...
0000:08:00.0 Display controller: AMD Tonga S7150 [vmgfx0]
Setting up SR-IOV settings...
pciHole.start = 2048
pciHole.end = 4096
Eligible VMs:

PCI Hole settings already exist on all eligible VMs.
The configuration needs a reboot to take effect


After rebooting ESXi I do the automatic assignment via:


sh -a


But receive the following:

No Virtual Functions detected. Ensure that GPU's that you want to virtualize are not in Passthrough mode.
Please reboot the system before running "sh -a"


The 4 instances are not showing up in the Windows 10 VM.


Is there a different driver for 6.7? Is there a manual for ESXi 6.7 installs?


I am using the following manual:



SR-IOV is enabled in the Bios of the M620.