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Adrenalin 19.3.3 Radeon Drivers CRUSH Windows 10 - 2400G

Question asked by danilonics on Apr 5, 2019

Hello, this is my build:


CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G (with Vega Graphics)

Mobo: AsRoch B450M Steel Legend

OS: Windows 10 Pro (1809 Build)


Everithing goes all right, but when I download Adrenaline 19.3.3 (I tried also 18.5.1 version) and I install it,  I restart my PC and.... I cannot access in it anymore.  And everytime it's the same thing; Istalling other drives not causes anything, but when I do it with Radeon Driver it appens everytime. I reinstalled Windows 10 Pro 15 times! Sometimes I'm able to put my enter PIN but 5 second later the screen becomes black and i cannot do anything; I can only enter with F2 in UEFI, but anything else!

Thank you, I hope in your help.