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Vega + Instant Replay unstable with any settings in Wattman

Question asked by then4p on Apr 3, 2019
Latest reply on May 13, 2020 by ryh

I've noticed some weird behavior with Vega cards. I have a reference Sapphire Vega 56 and a MSI Air Boost Vega 64 here for testing. Especially with Vega 56 undervolting is extremely rewarding so I gave it a go.


I found stable settings but then as soon as I played some CS:GO with Relive Instant Replay on the driver would crash after a couple games or when launching the game. I restarted the PC and tested again at stock and it was stable now.


I then did a little test: I enabled Relive Instant replay and all I changed in Wattman was the power target to -1. I assumed this should be stable but it crashed again. I then tried several things like reducing the GPU clock in P7 by 1 MHz etc.


Any change in Wattman causes the driver to crash when Instant Replay is enabled! The UV itself is completely stable as long as Instant Replay is off.


Test system 1: 

i7 4790k

16 GB DDR3

750W PSU (Be quiet Straight Power 11)

AMD Driver 18.12.3/19.1.1/19.3.3

Windows 10 Professional, build 1809


Test System 2:

Pentium G4560


480W PSU (Be quiet Straight Power E9)

AMD Driver 18.12.3/19.1.1/19.3.3

Windows 10 Home, build 1809


Steps to reproduce:

With a Vega 56/64 graphics card enable instant replay, set it to 2 minutes and set the bitrate to 40 mbps.

Apply any change in Wattman, e.g. lowering the power target by 10%.


Play or repeatedly launch CS:GO (or use Superposition Benchmark with 4k optimized) with system reboots in between. The driver will reset at some point. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 games to crash, sometimes it happens while launching the game or benchmark.



It would be greatly appreciated if this could be resolved somehow. UV is almost essential to get most out of Vega cards and Instant Replay is very important to me to catch highlights.