Intel launches 56 core Xeon with 400W TDP to fend off AMD's 64 core Rome processor

Discussion created by black_zion on Apr 2, 2019
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Still a while before Rome sees the retail channel, but Intel, in its wisdom, released new Xeon processors, the top 9000 series of which will be OEM only, and will be soldered to the motherboard. Intel stated the 9282 will require liquid cooling. As the 9000 series are OEM only, there's no prices, but considering the 8280 is $10,009, the 9282 will likely be $20,000, and a full server north of $50,000.


Something tells me that when Lisa Su unveils Rome to the public, while it may not be as fast per core as the 9282, it'll have 8 more cores and a TDP half of Intel's, and a price tag half that as well.


Also, 32 models seems a bit overkill, but you know Intel and their artificial segmentation...