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RX590 - amdgpu failed on new Kernels

Question asked by coosee on Apr 2, 2019



i use Qubes OS System and Kernel 4.14.103 works fine, but when i try to use any newer Kernel, the login to Desktop failed.


there are also some artifacts at lightdm login, please look at the atttachment.


i also tried a manually compiled kernel, but the result is almost the same.


in Xorg.0.log there's the Error - this happens only with newer Kernels:


[    62.958] (EE) glamor0: GL error: GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY in glTexSubImage
[    62.958] (WW) glamor: Failed to allocate 22x22 FBO due to GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY.
[    62.958] (WW) glamor: Expect reduced performance.


i also tried the current Version of amdgpu Driver- non Pro!


the only difference to the 4.14 Kernel is the Module >> gpu-sched >> which is only loaded with newer Kernels, e.g 5.0.2.


Is this a Xen Problem or a Driver Problem in context with Xen+newer Kernels?


The Card on FunToo Linux works perfect, no Problems at all.