Vega 64 in Battlefield/firestorm

Discussion created by youngspawn89 on Apr 2, 2019
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I had looked on many forums, and I can not fint a work around this.

When I do 3Dmark , it reach max Clocks, but in battlefield, it only do it when I am in Menu.

When Iam playing any mode or Firestorm it don't go max on clocks, and I see some people with newer hardware, have higher clock and better fps on Ultra.


Is my cpu the reason it doesn't pump max Fps and max clock?

I can see it sit on 900-1200mhz GPU clock and it have around 90-100 fps instead of going max on clock and fps.

I have a 144hz monitor and Ingame settings is low beside Mesh is on Ultra.


Thanks you in advance



Hey this is my Spec:

PSU: 1200W corsair Plat, new only weeks old.

CPU is OC. to 4.2Ghz.

GPU :MSI Radeon-RX-Vega-64-Air-Boost-8G-OC