Install GPU driver on linux_kernel_4.14.109

Discussion created by virendrakate on Apr 1, 2019



I am currently working with a AMD® Ryzen embedded v1756b with radeon vega gfx × 4 board. I am currently using multiple linux kernel versions. 


v4.15.0 -> AMD® Radeon(tm) rx vega 8 graphics driver pre-installed

v4.14.109 -> cannot install the Gpu driver, defaults to using VmWare LLVM driver.


I downloaded the appropriate driver (for v4.14.14) from . But I cannot install this driver for v4.14.109. It is important that I install this on v4.14.109 as we cannot move to a different kernel version for other reasons. Could someone please help me compile the driver for v4.14.109 ?