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Intel Looks Serious About Becoming a Major GPU Player -- Tech Check

Question asked by kingfish on Apr 1, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2019 by pokester
The chip giant has hired several AMD and Nvidia execs to help it bring a line of high-end GPUs to market.


Tom Peterson, Nvidia's (NVDA) director of technical marketing and a 15-year company vet, announced on Friday that he's leaving the company. Shortly after, it was reported that Intel (INTC) has hired Peterson to work on its Game Experience Team.

In late 2017, Intel hired Raja Koduri, who was in charge of AMD's (AMD) GPU R&D efforts, to lead a new "Core and Visual Computing Group" that aims bring high-end GPUs to market for both PCs and servers. The company has also hired Chris Hook, formerly a senior AMD marketing exec, to be its head of graphics marketing.

Intel has promised to launch its first discrete (standalone) GPU in 2020. Taking on Nvidia and AMD in this field; battling Nvidia in the high-end will be particularly tough, given its track record, the scope of its R&D investments and the size of its developer ecosystem. But as GPUs remain a popular choice (if not the only choice) for powering a number of popular and demanding computing workloads, it's safe to say that Intel has made its GPU efforts a company priority.


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