Vega 64 goes to maximum fan speed with latest drivers.

Discussion created by andonxp on Apr 1, 2019
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I have the following problem.

My Vega 64 sapphire nitro plus goes to maximum fan speed with latest drivers when trying to do custom fan speed curve with Wattman. On default fan speed is 40% max even on 70c causing it to throttle. Trying to do custom curve causes it to max out immediately after i press the 'apply' button on the Wattman.

This first happened after i updated my 19.2.x driver to 19.3.1 and every newer driver i update to causes the same problem.

Rolling back to 19.1.1 fixes this issue and i am able to overclock, undervolt and manage the fan curve with no issue.

Ofcourse i want the latest drivers for maximum performance and stability.

So can anyone help me with a fix or some work around? Any other software i can use to control the fans of my GPU? Any suggestions and opinions will be apreciated.

Thanks in advance.