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RX580 8GB Strange Vram issue is the Vram faulty?

Question asked by cryax on Apr 1, 2019



I started getting artefacts in games recently so I put on monitoring to see what the temps where but they seem stable at around 68 degrees. What I did notice however is that the vram usage keeps ticking up till it gets to 8.1 GB usage and when it reaches it that's when the artefacting starts followed soon after by either a crash to desktop or sometimes a system freeze that forces me to power of the computer to get out of it. The card is not overclocked all settings are default except the power setting in wattman that is at max (50%). This happens in most games takes longer in some the fastest to crash is AC: Odyssey but the card runs benchmarks such as furmark/Heaven just fine. All my drivers are up to date including chipset etc and the bios is at the latest version. So what do you guys think is it a faulty card or could something else be causing it?