Radeon 8790M not boosting

Discussion created by therobster5555 on Mar 31, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2019 by goodplay

Hi, I recently got a Dell Latitude E6540 with the Radeon graphics included in it.

Only when I try to run games, the GPU clock doesn't go above 300 mhz, and the memory doesn't go above 150 mhz

I had a similar problem with one of my friends' laptop with a GTX 965M, and the solution was an older driver, but so far I've tried the latest driver from AMD's website (they still support this thing who knew?) and I also tried the driver from Dells website, and neither of them worked. Currently going to get the driver from windows update and see if that works.

Any insight on this issue is welcome.

I'll also post this onto the Dell forums (or I might even contact customer support, because the warranty on this thing runs until 2020) so if I get an answer either of those ways, I'll make sure to post it here too.