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Temperature for a Phenom 2 940 BE overclocked?

Question asked by alieninside on Mar 30, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2019 by black_zion

I overclocked my Phenom 2 940 BE to 3.4ghz and I just bought a Corsair h60 aio and ran occt for 3 minutes and it topped out at 50°C. Is that a "good" temperature? In hardware info it says the cpu is volted to 1.4V's.


My pc;

Corsair carbide r200

Gigabyte GA-MA78GPM-UD2H

Phenom 2 940 BE 3.4ghz

8Gb of ram, 2x2Gb Ocz Amd special edition Platinum 1066 clocked to 800, 2x2Gb of Gskill 800

Gigabyte rx 570 gaming

Seagate 500gb Barracuda ssd

Lite-on blueray/dvd/cd-rom

Evga 850 watt Gold certified powersupply.