Any driver newer than 20.1.2019 is bad

Discussion created by bannedcuzwhynot on Mar 30, 2019
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As the title says, for me, any driver newer than the one which came out on 20.1.2019 is bugged. The current driver is actually ok but I think its starting causing issues. I keep getting BSOD's from last 1 weeks and idk why everything was working more than brilliant for me since then. Anyways, my problem with any driver newer than the one specified in the title is that no matter what I do, items don't fit with my display. I have a 1920x1080 native res display but I'm using 1366x768 cuz I'm more familiar with it, and whenever I'm trying to make things fit perfectly in desktop it gives me some troubles, but in the end, I'm figuring it out, that's only for desktop. But in csgo things are different, it's like the edges of the game are 2 inches in my monitor's bezel, they don't fit with 800x600 res (yes I'm playing that res in 2019, i like it.) currently that's how my desktop is looking fine and it does the same in cs


if the slider is not at 6% and its under this percent, things are disappearing into the bezels and when the slider exceeds 6% I get some black borders all around the desktop, but that's not a problem since I'm not facing with any of these problems on this driver, they appear only in newer versions of drivers.  I tried with full panel, preserve aspect ratio in csgo, nothing works.. everything is ok but csgo isnt.. and I want to update my driver to see if I will still get any BSoD.. what can I do? i tried removing the driver with amd cleanup utility, DDU, from device manager, nothing and nothing works when it comes to newer drivers and cs.. they hate eachother...i tried to recreate the issue I'm facing with when I'm updating video drivers and I'm starting cs.


as you can see, not all items fit in the desk as in the first pic, that's exactly my problem with drivers. Any help pls ?

//I have fixed it with help from Nvidia, shame you don't know what's wrong with your drivers you're just releasing them to people and wait for them to come and tell you their issues because you're not able of fixing them, that's why Nvidia is miles ahead you boys, those guys know what they're doing there, and also a good community, I had to post my AMD problem on NVIDIA forum and they helped me. It's funny how the opposite side knows his enemy better than the enemy knows himself. Again, shame on you.