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AMD HD-8750M Unsolvable Driver Problem On Windows 10

Question asked by feelsreallybadman on Mar 30, 2019

Hello everyone, 
I am a laptop user, my laptop brand and models are Acer Aspire E1-572G. 
I was using win 7 and I decided to switch to 10 yesterday. So when I upgraded my pc, I tried to upgrade to latest AMD drivers for my Graphics Card in order to play videogames etc. When I did, my pc freeze and after a few restarts it came back but drivers were gone. I tried many solutions on internet, and I am still trying sleepless, tired. So to guide whoever going to help me, I will write some info about what I've tried in this 24 hour period.

  • Trying to update drivers from Device Manager. This doesn't help since it's simply "downgrades"   the driver. When I did it just rolled my driver back to a 2015 version of it.
  • Trying to update with AMD auto driver finder and update my video card manually by downloading latest driver manually. When I do this, in radeon software downloading or in setup screen of radeon screen it freezes and does not come back (I've actually waited for 2 hours but it freezes and nothing changes )
  •  Trying to delete all drivers with AMD cleaner and set the drivers up again, this cause the same thing. It just gets freeze.
  •  When I search web about this, it seems a lots of people dealing with same issues FOR YEARS. They can't use their graphics card with full performance because they can't download the software, and make their own settings for the graphics card.