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Ryzen 2400g b450 dual monitor

Question asked by rudegar on Mar 30, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2019 by goodplay

got a msi b450 mobo 


 but if I update passed radeon 18.9.3 it stop detecting my dell 24" monitor connected by displayport to dvi cable to the well displayport connector

it see my 27" asus connected by hdmi as my only monitor both in windows and radeon settings.


when I kick myself for letting it update and rolling back to 18.9.3 all is well with my 2 monitors but all attemts to update has ended in a rollback 


anybody had the same experience or maybe even a "well just enable and then disable overscan mombojumbo twice and reboot and it sorts it out!" type of workaround ?


#dual monitor