Radeon VII, Chill and hardware accelerated apps

Discussion created by sifusanders on Mar 29, 2019

Hello dear ppl in the forum,


i have a problem w/ both my radeon VII cards. When chill is enabled the HBM doesnt go to it's normal clock speeds and stays around the 350 MHz mark. This also happens when i don't turn on chill at all but have VLC, Discord, chrome or any other gpu hardware accelerated program on my second screen while playing. Obviously with the HBM downclocked so hard the performance is severly lacking.


Does anyone have an idea why this is happening?


I even installed windows completely fresh after i noticed the problem. Before i had removed the drivers via DDU and installed them again - 19.3.3 while being offline to not let windows download them.



Radeon VII (obv)

ryzen 1700


750w corsair psu

2 144 freesync screens (one 1440p one 1080p)