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Radeon software 19.1.1 Crashes after every reboot

Question asked by cometor on Mar 28, 2019

Hello there,


it's me again. I upgraded to the Vega 56 a few days ago. I Installed the driver 19.1.1 and made some tewaks on the Wattman global, a little undervolting and mainly a custom fan curve.
Now every time i reboot my system, the Radeon software tells me "something unexpected happened" and it restored back to default.

It is not really bad, but it is annoying to always open the software and change to my custom profile. 



My system:

Ryzen 7 1700

Corsair H110i Watercooler

DDR4 16 GB G-Skill 2400

Asus B-350Plus

Vega 56

Radeon Softwareversion

Adrenalin 2019


Thank you for replying.