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can u help plz ?

Question asked by mo3az on Mar 27, 2019
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i disassembled my dell inspiron 5559 to clean it and also wiped the hard disk from Bios settings and after i installed windows 10 and tried to install my amd r5 350 driver using the amd official site the app told me *no amd hardware were found* so i disassembled it again and the fan too to check the chip i found a gery material *don't know what it is* so i tried to remove it and tried to install and didn't work i tried many solutions online and it didn't work then i tried the auto detect it gave me the same message of *not found* it's not showing in the device manager or anywhere

- amd r5 350

-dell inspiron 5559

-windows 10 pro 64 bit build 17134

- driver installed (amd catalyst)

-intel(r) core i7 - 8GB RAM

-Bios version is 1.5.2