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A green screen that goes on and off after not touching the computer for two or three hours

Question asked by liel on Mar 28, 2019
Latest reply on May 5, 2019 by liel

Hello, I have a Windows 10, with a screen card of RX 480 Gigabyte, I have been a long time problem on a video card.
The problem is this: Once I update, let's say a final version of the card is a screen, and when I do not touch the computer for two or three hours and suddenly come back, I have a green screen on the screen that disappears every few seconds, alternately, until I resistrate and the problem is solved.
* I will note that as soon as I return a version back but to one that is a bit older then there is this problem *
Solutions I tried: I went and bought an HDMI cable, I tried to replace - did not help.
I tried to connect the computer to another screen and still have the problem.
I'll attach a video here to understand what I'm talking about.

* The problem is certain on a video card that only when I update to an older version do I have this green screen.
Another question I wanted to ask was how critical it was to come to terms with the problem and return it to one version backward?