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Daisy chain monitors stopped working since 17.7.1 on my 290x

Question asked by ibanezlespaul on Mar 27, 2019

I have three monitors from dell with support of daisy chaining them. I never got all three monitors to work but if I run hdmi on one and display port daisy chained on the other two It works ok.

But installing anything newer than 17.7.1 wont work. Any ideas?

Also if I use the display driver uninstaller software I cannot run the monitors with the 17.7.1 version =) 


So I'm currently stuck with version 17.7.1 which is a bit dated.

And yes, my Dell U2415 monitors have DP 1.2 support which I have to enable on the first monitor to get it working.


Are there any hidden tricks to activate DP 1.2 in the drivers?