Multi monitor borderless window gaming question

Discussion created by midiamp on Mar 26, 2019
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I've been a PC gamer since the turn of the millennium and for a couple of years now I've moved to a multi monitor setup, a 21:9 and 16:9. Once you go ultrawide to play games, truly there's no going back. I do however wonders about my hardware choices through the years. I've been using Ryzen for 2 years now, but Nvidia was always my go to solution for GPU. I've always chose the GT/X/RTX x80 series since I went multi monitor.... Lately I have a question, is it necessary?


All of my monitors are 1080p. I only have enough horizontal space to fit a maximum of 29" ultrawide and 24" monitor. When I experimented with a triple 22" 1080p monitor setup, I noticed that my old 980 is already idling at 50% utilization so I surmise that more pixels needs more power. I play all sort of games, mostly building simulation, but due to having a habit of doing many things at the same time, I usually play on my main ultrawide and watch streaming videos on the other monitor. So with my use case, I usually set my game to borderless window for uninterrupted switching. Oh by the way, I locked my frames at 60FPS whenever possible.


Do I really need RTX 2080 to drive my setup? I do play AAA games as well. Currently playing Division 2 and Anthem, with the second monitor running youtube sometimes when I'm grinding for loots. So curious if simply using even a Vega 56 fits my use case since the GPU is now readily available new and second hand (ex mining) at good price. I'm not liking Nvidia pricing path as of late, and I wanted to switch to an all AMD rig for quite sometimes now.