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Radeon VII error code 43 in device manager

Question asked by klokholm on Mar 26, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2019 by thatbenjaminperson

Just received a Radeon VII as a gift, the card has had nothing but issues since installing.  Try to run Division 2 or Overwatch the games will run for about 30 secs to a minute then black screen.  After black screen the system will sometimes hard lock and reboot followed by a hang during system startup.  Upon logging back into windows the GPU will show an error code 43 in device manager.  Sometimes it can be cleared by clean rebooting other times it will stay in this error state.  I have tried numerous drivers starting with 19.3.3 and progressing backward to 19.2.2 .  The only way to get the GPU to perform at all in Division 2 was to undervolt/cap fps/apply manual fan curve, best it managed was about 3 hours of gaming.  Even then it was a rare occurrence as card is back to insta crashing in games.  Also after a game crashes if I try to open wattman or even catalyst control center system will black screen followed by hard lock.  I have opened a trouble ticket with AMD and essentially they are dragging their feet on RMA request.  I tried to call them today to get a status update, got a technician and he literally ran the clock with me on hold till 5 then hung up (call placed at 4:40PM did not get tech on phone till 4:50).  I am all ears to any ideas or perhaps something stupidly simple I am overlooking. 


Other info


MOBO Gigabyte aorus gaming 7 wifi

CPU Ryzen 2700x

RAM Gskill trident z 3466

PSU Corsair HX1000 platinum rated

LG 34 inch ultrawide 144hz display

Windows 10 1809