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AMDuProf and IBS

Question asked by meuns on Mar 26, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by swarup



I'm trying to profile a medium sized piece of code using the IBS profiling mode.

I work on both Windows (Thread Ripper) and Linux (Ryzen 2700X).


I'm only able to enable IBS on the Windows workstation and I'm only able to use symbols on Linux.


My project is c11 and I build it using gcc 7, clang 7 and clang-cl 7 on both platform (mingw, ubuntu and native windows versions).


On the Windows side, AMDuProf documentation specifies the tool should be able to read mingw symbols.

However the application just closes right after the executable starts.

Clang-cl binary embeds symbols the way visual studio would do it but the tool is unable to fin them. No option seems to output separate pdb.


On the Linux side, the BIOS doesn't provide the IBS option (I contacted Gygabite but still no answer).


Using Visual Studio is probably a solution but it requires to modify a lot of code.


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