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'Default radeon wattman settings restored.....' after normal pc restart.

Question asked by cheetah_hunter on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by goodplay

Hello there, 


Last night i just turned off my pc and went to sleep. Today in the morning i wake up, turn on my pc, takes more than normal time to boot up and after logging into windows i encounter this notification- "default wattman settings have been restored". But problem is, I never touched the wattman settings and my pc did not show any signs of trouble last night so I can't figure out why this happened. Would really appreciate if someone would help me in this matter.


My PC config:

Intel G4560 @ 3.5GHz

Gigabyte RX560 4GB GDDR5

RAM 8 GB corsair vengeance

Antec psu @ 500 Watts

Toshiba 1tb HDD