Freesync brightness flicker with CHG90 on "ultimate mode" with newer driver versions

Discussion created by caynug on Mar 23, 2019
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Hey, as some others experience flickering since about driver Version 18.6.. I wanted to chime in.


I have the same problem with the Samsung CHG90, before about driver version 18.6 and earlier it was only in menus on games like BF1, BFV - non problematic. Now with newer drivers it flickers everywhere, no matter what FPS - ingame at any FPS in different amounts. 

Tested with BF1, BFV, The Division 2 - all the same.


I tried all the workarounds mentioned in possibly all threads around there on reddit and here. New Club3d High quality DP cable, driver tests, resets, DDU, CRU, different configurations, weird other suggestions over the last week.


It really narrows it down to only the driver as the problem.

amdmatt can you please help me?



Monitor: Samsung C49HG90DMU 49 Inch (32:9)

Ultimate Mode Freesync Range 48-144hz (LFC might be the problem?)

GPU: Vega64

CPU: Ryzen2700x

Ram: 32gb ddr4 

Windows 10 64bit, newest Update, fairly new system (6 Months)


Report is attached.