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usb port mailfunction

Question asked by kilthas on Mar 23, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2019 by black_zion

Hey people,


I have a rather unnerving problem. Yesterday everything was fine and today some of my usb ports stoppes working. After a arduis conversation with windows support and a lot of try and error there was no solution. The support came up with the idea that the windows drivers may have overwritten the amd drivers necessary to use my ports from the motherboard, since only they seem affected. 

However after installing the ryzen master i had hoped that it would give me reliefe and let me install the latest drivers, however that was a bust that option is not available to me.

The weired thing is that after the windows update last week all was well, and now barely a week later this happens.


The facts:


- the ports seem to have power

- plugged in devices of any sort are not recognised, yet are being powerd

- cant access drivers to change them

- ryzen master does not solve the problem aswell


Hardware info:


AMD Rayzen 5 1500X

Gigabite GA-AB350M- Gaming 3 AMD B350




I am no speciallist myself so help would be really apreciated.