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horizontal line moving up screen causing image to jump

Question asked by micbahne on Mar 23, 2019

After crimson january 2018 i think, this problem started to appear... 

It has vanished when wallpaper engine is running a movie as wallpaper, but when i switch to a regular image as wallpaper it comes back. Today i tried to activate Eyefinity and it completely went away, after disabling eyefinity group the tearing has now moved to monitor 2. I am having a hard time googling anything resembling this bug.

I saw it for the first time in ghost recon wildlands on the intro log + movie.  

Bug video: 

no bug video: 


i saw a comment somewhere that "Extend monitor" could cause some issues?

I am running a two monitor setup.


right now the bug is not as bad as it has been.. but just half an hour ago the tearing was unbearable.

I can live with using wallpaper engine as a "fix" which is more like dumb luck, but i would like to fix this and i have no need for eyefinty.


I hope someone knows what this is and can help