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Ingame screen not clear

Question asked by iziman on Mar 23, 2019
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I have a problem with my Radeon settings, there is something that make my screen "not clear" (I don't know how  describe it) ingame in League of Legend and I cannot find what settings make this happens.


When I record my game with OBS, the output video is completely fine, it only happens live ingame :

Here is what I see (live) :



What I expect (from OBS):



I have uninstall the AMD software to be sure that the setting is applied by it and it is, it was also fine after a fresh install but immediately turn to "not clear" afer opening the software (the change happened instantly ingame after alt+tab)


I have tried to change almost every settings but I don't find the setting that makes the game like that.


Can someone help me to find it please ?


Settings :


GPU :  RX580