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Audio glitching and video stutter

Question asked by bongsh0ts on Mar 23, 2019

Since 19.1.1 I've had an issue where my audio starts to slow down and sounds digital. At the same time my video slows down. In a few moments it recovers. Sometimes it happens repeatedly other times it only happens once a day. Ive cleaned my board, re-inserted the ram and video card. HDD are clean as well. Reconnected all cables too.

 I've tried updating all my drivers. Nothing has fixed it. Anyone know whats happening? I recently installed a Magix software suite, video and audio editing, that I bought from HumbleBundle. But, I believe the problems were there before that.


FX 8320 @ 3.3 Water Cooled

24 gigs DDR3 1600

XFX- RX 480 8gb

Gigabyte GA 990fx ud3

EVGA Bronze 550w psu