Weird blurry effect during dark scene (AC odyssey, The Forest, ...)

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Issue Description :




I recently switch from 1070 Ti to Vega 64. I'm happy with this card exept this bug (1070 Ti didn't do it). When games become dark (night, cave, etc ...) each edge become blurry and brightier (on character, wall, folliage). I saw this bug on "AC odyssey" and "the Forest". I also play "Rainbow Six siege" which don't have this bug.

I try lots of thing to solve this on AC odyssey. HDR, Anti-aliasing, occlusion ambiant don't solve this bug. Game settings are on Very-high and freesync 2 HDR is on. Radeon settings are on default.


I try to record it with Radeon Live but strangely the recorded video doesn't show the bug. So I recorded it with my phone. Here is the full video and two screenshot taken from these videos :


YouTube Comparaison camera moving and not moving on the character

Comparaison camera moving and not moving on the wall


I don't know how this bug is called (is it ghosting ?) so I don't succeed to find a solution on google. I hope you can help me.

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Hardware :

Motherboard  - MSI Z170 Gaming Pro carbon

CPU - I7 6700K

RAM - 16 Go G.Skill Ripjaws V 3000 MHz

SSD - 850 Evo 250 Go (the game is on this SSD)

GPU - Sapphire Nitro+ VEGA 64

Monitor - Samsung C27HG70 (Freesync - Ultimate Engine is on)

Cable - Displayport 1.4


Software :

Windows 10 Pro - 1809

Radeon Software 19.3.3