What's the best way to limit the FPS when using a Freesync monitor?

Discussion created by voidseeker on Mar 22, 2019
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I recently got a new Monitor which supports Freesync and I'm now using it in conjuction with an RX 570.
Before I switched I had an GTX 960 plugged into a normal 60Hz screen and used RTSS to cap the framerate and achieve a solid frametime. Since I made the switch I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the new features I'm able to use now.


I want to know what's the best way to cap the framerate when using a Freesync setup. It seems that this question is highly debated. There is the Ingame Limiter, RTSS, FRTC and Chill. The Ingame Limiter seems the most straight forward.Capping it slightly below the max Freesync range which in my case is 75Hz. RTSS and FRTC both seem to add additional input lag compared to the Ingame Limiter. And then there is Chill which is an power-saving tool. I don't know if I should use it as an FPS Limiter (Min FPS = Max FPS) or if I should just put in the Freesync range of my monitor (40-75Hz). Some guy from AMD named Robert advices to just use Vsync. But doesn't Vsync negate Freesync?


With so many options availabe I'm more than confused on what to use. I wish AMD would clear things up.