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Vega 64 drops clock speed while gaming and it wont go back up

Question asked by echo1975 on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by markbig

My Vega 64 keeps doing this thing where it drops gpu and memory clocks to around 500mhz when I am gaming and it starts to lag and I have to restart the game whenever this happens. Temperatures are not the problem because they are under 70 celsius. Here is video of it. 

This has happened in multiple games and even in benchmarks. Just now I decided to a record it and it's super annoying! I also have tried older drivers, but the problem persists.

Should I RMA?

Specs I7-8086k, asus z370-h rog strix, Rog strix vega 64, corsairs 2666mhz ram 2x16gb.

Edit: Okey, it just happened again and now restarting the game wont even fix it.