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Confusing translation about Foreshadow in

Question asked by georgeliou on Mar 19, 2019

I found the last recommend in Foreshadow topic is not easy to understand. The respective English version is:

We are advising customers running AMD EPYC™ processors in their data centers, including in virtualized environments, to not implement Foreshadow-related software mitigations for their AMD platforms.

The current Traditional Chinese translation on site is:


我們建議客戶在他們的資料中心(包括虛擬化環境)中執行 AMD EPYC™ 處理器,不要為他們的 AMD 平台執行與 Foreshadow 相關的軟體緩解。


Which reads strange, because processor(處理器) is not a software to be executed(執行).


As far as I'm concerned, the whole topic in English version also carries the idea of “EPYC processor is free from the Foreshadow vulnerability so no need to sacrifice the performance by applying other platform needed software patch.”


If my understanding is correct, it seems to me that

因此我們建議在資料中心(包括虛擬化環境)中採用AMD EPYC™ 處理器的客戶,在他們的AMD平台上,不實作與 Foreshadow 相關的軟體緩解措施。

is better translation, but that’s just my two cents.