FX 8320e OC voltage good?

Discussion created by barszczu122 on Mar 19, 2019
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Hello guys on the start i must apologize for my English.

I have Old PC maybe in next year i change but for now it must enough for me...


PC Spec.

MSI 970A-G43

FX 8320e

RX 460 sapphire nitro 4g

8gb ram 1600 CL 9

2x SSD 

SPC Vero l2 500w

SPC Armis ar1

2x bequiet 120mm fan one front and one for back


I need a help 3 month ago i overclocked my CPU from 3,2 to 4,0 more=to much voltage.

In OCCT Stress test 15min i have 58C in game 2-3h play same 

VRM going like 61-66C.

My mobo is very bad for fx and OC fx can you tell me are this voltage is safe?

all voltage are manual look on the screen