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My dedicated graphics not used but my shared graphics is used

Question asked by revec on Mar 17, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by pokester

Hi All,


I have a problem but before anything here's the specs.

OS: Win 10 x64 bit

CPU: i3-6006U 2.0 GHz

GPU: R5 M330

RAM: 4 gb.


So, My problem is that, it appears to be that my laptop is not using its dedicated graphics memory, rather using shared for some reason, + I don't think I should have 2 GPU's settings on task manager, since I know that there is only one GPU in my system


Also GPU 2 which is indicated by task manager is the graphic card it self, and GPU 0 is the CPU shared memory... Also my GPU has 4gb of memory as far as I know. How can I fix this problem, if there is any. Thanks.


Might I add. 

I tried reinstalling drivers and Factory reset my laptop, It didn't work.