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Struggling for one last bit of stability at 3200 (b-Die memory, B350 mobo, Ryzen 1700)

Question asked by uker on Mar 16, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by misterj

As the title says, I'm running this system at 3200 with no major issues, but having minor stability issues and rare errors when stress testing the memory.


System is a Ryzen 1700 on an ASUS Prime B350 PLUS motherboard with two 8 GB modules of GSkill RipJaws V 3200 C14 memory (Samsung b-die).

Motherboard is on the latest BIOS, dated December 2018, using AGESA 1006.

All timings and voltages are at stock values.


If I enter the BIOS, and just select DOCP with no fiddling around, everything seems fine at 3200 MHz.
Windows starts and runs, and I have even played some 3 hours of Just Cause 4 (among others) with no stability issues.

The problem is, in the long run (longer than 20 minutes) it appears to show some minor hiccups on MemTest64 or Prime95.

Needless to say, no issues are found at 2133.


I tried fiddling around following this guide, and even tried his modded BIOS, but didn't help.

Below are the timings I was suggested by Ryzen DRAM Calculator (safe preset).

Tried all of those, including the alternative ones.


Given that the memory does run at DOCP timings, being forced to run it at stick speed I'm having that "so close yet so far" feeling.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.